Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What I Love About Street Preaching
Rekindle the Zeal

  • It takes away the fear of man
  • It is a statement that as a Christian “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ”
  • It is a publick occupation for Christ (taking a stand)
  • The Christian bears the reproach of Christ
  • The signs put the Word of God into their hearts and minds as the passers buy read the signs as I see their lips move
  • It is a warning to those who reject Christ
  • It shows the community that Christians are taking a stand and are not silenced
  • It is a direct in your face opportunity that leaves everyone around without excuse
  • The Word of God is presented and the Bible read so they do not have a choice and they hear and they know and they can’t close their eyes or plug their ears they must deal with the Gospel today
  • It builds up the Christian’s zeal for one on one getting the Word out at work and in daily conversation wherever the man of God goes
  • It salts down the community with God’s Word
  • It gives the saint first hand experience to know how wicked the world is against Christ and His Gospel
  • It is exciting when doing something that very few will ever do that is to speak loud and proclaim the Gospel in publick
  • It emboldens the man of God to walk an holy walk in every day of life with family and others
  • Street preaching helps fulfill the charge to “Preach the Word”
  • It is good experience in how to deal with difficult people as they come up and talk to you on the street
  • It is good experience in how to deal with difficult Christians who live weak lives for Christ
  • It is exhilarating
  • It is the opposite of stealth tactics of place a tract and hope no one will see you
  • It places ones light on top of the bushel for all to see instead of hiding it under the bushel
  • It is foolish (the preaching part not the message)
  • It offends many
  • It gives some Christians hope and encouragement to live a more aggressive life in Christ with less fear of man
  • Publick ministry that is getting out into the publick places is prevalent in the Bible
  • More people are reached in 45 minutes than are reached in many churches in a decade
  • At a busy corner you can communicate (verbally or by sign or banner) a Bible message to hundreds of people or more within an hour’s time. Just position yourself near a major advertising sign and the demographics have already been done for you
  • When you occupy for Christ where you are, then nobody needs to be sent to do your job where you are. Everyone else is free then to serve Christ Where they are. Just imagine if all Christians were salt and light where they are then nobody would have to go anyplace else to preach
  • It keeps you in the forefront of the battle and thereby keeps you primed for the good fight
  • It gives you an up front view of what is in the heart of man as you preach to passers by
  • It encourages the saints to have courage to get back into the battle for Jesus
  • It keeps you battle ready at all times
  • It gives you experience and history serving the Lord that makes you stronger as you go
  • You mature faster as a Christian in all areas of your life
  • It fuels zeal for Christ
  • I miss it when I haven’t done it for awhile because it makes me feel good
  • It is time well spent
  • It is an opportunity to preach the whole Gospel and the whole Word of God
  • It is an opportunity to preach the Word and let the Bible bless, curse, condemn, uplift the unsaved that Jesus Christ died for.
  • You get to be salt and light by preaching the Biblical Truth
  • At least somebody is doing something in my area, because I do not see any evangelism anywhere around here.
  • It is a time to give out the Word of God to the Glory of God.
And what street preaching isn’t
  • It is not the end of ministry, there is plenty more to do
  • It cannot give people a knowledge of Christ such as reading the Gospel of John can
  • It isn’t a ministry many Christians or sinner like very much
  • It isn’t for sissies
  • It doesn’t mean you are special or great
  • It is not something that YOU have to do
  • It is not a substitute or replacement for anything
  • You do not have to act stupid or obnoxious when preaching
  • You do not have to be rude or mean
  • You do not have to be embarrassed
  • You do not have to learn apologetics
  • You do not have to give a performance or show
  • You do not have to strive to draw a crowd
  • You do not need gimmicks or gadgets
  • You do not have to have nor do you need a banner or sign
  • You don’t even need to yell or speak out loud if you don’t want to
  • Publick ministry is nothing but giving out the Word of God in publick places
  • However, you don’t have to keep silent, you can speak up and preach the gospel
  • You don’t have to use your own words; you can preach Bible verses only if you want
  • It shouldn’t be all about you
  • It isn’t a blast session where you verbally tear people apart
  • It isn’t an opportunity to tell everyone that they are worthless sinners and will all go to hell
  • It isn’t an opportunity to make yourself feel good by verbally condemning everyone to hell
  • You can develop and prepare a sermon and deliver it in publick; it doesn’t have to be extemporaneous.
  • It probably isn’t happening where you are unless you decide to go

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Neglected Essentials of Life


The day of your birth is the single most important event of your life, an event for which you exercised neither collusion nor permission.  Yet you participated in all aspects of that event in full cooperation, without a willful choice. The creation of your life was thrust upon you in a moment of quintessential magnificence when in that instance you became who you are.

You were created and given the gift of life as a unique individual of which there are no duplicates.  You began as a thought in the mind of God who willed you into existence by divine fiat.

Through Divine Providence you survived your first bold encounter with life; and experienced your first miracle, the breath of life.

Once the trauma of birth had passed, you began to grow in innocence for many years. You were given care and decisions were made on your behalf without your input or consent. You trusted your caretakers with a childlike faith and an ignorance of life while experiencing the cycles and connections of life through the perpetuity of providence. You knew nothing, but you began to pay attention. You slowly gained knowledge and even more slowly gained experience; and eventually, understanding!

You were unaccountable during the infant years; but at some unknown moment in time your accountability arrived based upon the development of your experience and understanding.

You understood right and wrong, good and bad, love and hate, sin and righteousness and also cause and effect that wrong thinking brought about wrong action which then brought judgment upon you.

You were no longer innocent; now you were responsible for your decisions and held accountable by God. The second phase of your life had begun: The consciousness of choice, responsibility and accountability; the conflict had begun.


What many people do not know or understand is that we are born with an inheritance. Something happened before we were born that will affect us for the rest of our lives. We were born with a fallen degenerate nature. Our souls were born disconnected from fellowship with God. True, his providential hand brought us through the period of innocence to the accountability stage, to where we are right now: A freewill agent accountable to the will and sovereignty of God for our decisions and actions in this life.

Because of the failure and disobedience in what Adam and Eve did (Genesis 3), all of creation is accursed, fallen and in a state of active rebellion with their Creator, the God of the universe.

Therefore man is currently in a state of condemnation and judgment decreed by the Lord God of the Universe. (John 3:16-21)

It is essential that the following be understood:

·         You were born separated from God

·         You are a sinner

·         Your heart is wicked continually

·         At your best you are altogether vanity

·         You deserve hell for your rebellion against God

·         The righteousness of man is an abomination to God

·         It is impossible for man to measure up to God's standard

·         Our condemnation is on account of our darkened heart and soul not God's will

·         His indignation is kindled by the wickedness of man
Do not despair; the third essential brings hope!


You have a future; all of your sins (past, present and future) were forgiven before you were born! But! They are still held to your charge conditional upon your freewill choices and decisions.

 Man is unable to satisfy the righteousness of God, and unable to atone for their sins since the best that mankind can offer is self-righteousness, and that is rooted in pride and conceit which is abominable to God. The first sin was pride and all subsequent sins are rooted in the pride of self- will and self-deification (displacing God with self).

Listen to the following essentials very carefully!:

·         You can never become acceptable to God on your own

·         Your sinful nature has sentenced you to Hell

·         There is no good thing within you

·         Your best effort can only earn you death and Hell (and it has, that's what we have earned)

·         There is no amount of "Good Works" that you can perform that can change your condition!

·         What you are, and where you are going is a sure thing! Unless! You realize and act upon the following Biblical truths about God's plan of reconciliation!!!

·         God knows all about you, there is nothing hidden that is not manifest to God.


·         You are a creation of God

·         He loves you

·         He is jealous over you

·         He paid the penalty of death that belongs to you by placing it upon His only Son!

·         He has prepared a place for you

·         He wants to give you eternal life

·         He wants your fellowship, worship,  praise and adoration

·         He created you and you belong to Him. Everything belongs to Him!

·         If you reject Him, there is only one other place to go: The Lake of Fire!

·         This is God's universe and he runs things His way! You may have a better way, but you don't have a universe! (McGee).

·         Rejection of Christ is the unpardonable sin from which there can be no recovery!

·         The free choice is yours...death seals your decision

·         If you choose Christ now and exercise faith, you will have eternal life

·         Read the King James Bible 1611 all the way through over and over again.

The most important fact to understand is this: You cannot Get saved, enter into heaven, obtain everlasting life and avoid eternal damnation for your sins based upon your own righteousness. The only way you can get into heaven is with Christ's righteousness--Get That! You are morally and spiritually bankrupt and unable on your own to possess eternal life. Only through the death, burial and resurrection and the shed blood of Jesus Christ can you get saved.

You must believe (faith) on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. You must repent; turn from your old life of self-serving ego sins of pride and rebellion and follow the Lord Jesus Christ with your whole being forever.  Having done that, you are now a child of God who is providentially taken care of for the rest of your life on this earth and in His everlasting kingdom.

If you believed on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9-10)(John 3:16-21), then you are beginning an eternal personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe, The LORD Jesus Christ, so, your assignment is to read the King James Bible 1611 all the way through and commit yourself to following all that it says. Email me ( and I will help you in your new life!


The first essential did not allow you any choices--your birth

The second essential only confirmed all the choices in life are self condemning--the fall

The third essential tells us God has made a provision for man's shortcomings and can annul mans sentence to eternal perdition--God's reconciliation through His Son Jesus Christ

But if you have rejected the Lord Jesus Christ then all that awaits you is the judgment of God and the eternal lake of fire!

Life is too short and cruel to live it without Christ. God has given His Son to rescue you from the condemnation of sin and the execution of His judgment. He created you to fellowship with Him. He created the universe for you and He knows what's best for you, and you belong to Christ anyway, so, will He be your Judge or your Saviour? You decide...                             

 Life is a maybe/Death is for sure/Sin is the cause/Christ is the cure

Saturday, March 26, 2016

How I would home school my children,
If I could do it over again!

When we began to Home School our children we spared no cost to obtain the very best materials for our children's education. Thousands of dollars later I discovered that was a big mistake.

Deciding upon what type of education you want for your children will drive your choice of the type of education plan you want. If you want what the world wants for your child then why bother home schooling. Many home schooling families simply duplicate the curriculum that the public schools use, so they may as well just put them in public school. You will be happier if you go the public route because that will best prepare them for the worldly liberal college education they need to obtain and to achieve their worldly college degrees. Home school methods are frowned upon by the worldly scholastic system. It will be more difficult to obtain the worlds certification requirements through home schooling. But if you don't mind extra hard work then it can be done. Just study and grade high on GED and HSEE tests and all college entrance exams etc....  If your child is a genius then all you need to do is dazzle everyone with their brilliance in their worldly liberal educational pursuits. And I mean prodigiously dazzle!

But if you want the best education for mind, body and soul that will serve them well all the years of their life and provide them with an education that makes them...wiser than their enemies, to understand more than their teachers and understand more than all the ancients:

Ps 119:98 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me.

Ps 119:99 I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation

Ps 119:100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts...

Then here is my advice from someone who has been there and done that...

First of all here is a list of my favorite curriculum programs for the Christian homeschooler. The best part of these programs is that it is a one-time purchase that takes your child from kindergarten through high school and beyond. Once you see the contents of these programs you then will realize you didn't need to purchase them at all because you can compile all the necessary information on your own for just the cost of the materials, which is what I would have done in the first place; and eventually what I finally did in the end.

The Robinson curriculum

The Robinson curriculum gives you everything on CD, DVD or maybe now it's just a download but you get hundreds of classic books that if read will cover the information for most of the subjects taught in school to include history, writing well, vocabulary etc. through reading the classics and everything else except mathematics for which they suggest Saxon math which I did not like. Also the complete Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 edition which is the last reliable encyclopedia before the revisionist movement changed everything to be politically correct and anti-Biblical.
A friend of ours used this program and their son is very intelligent, but then he is a voracious reader.

The Weaver Curriculum

We purchased this curriculum in its infancy when the premise of the program was to use the Bible as the guiding tool starting from Genesis to Revelation to teach all the subjects as they occur in the Bible text. For example in Genesis we first run into civilizations, so you do research to develop your own material to supplement the Bible as you go along from subject to subject.

I linked to what I think is the complete version of the program with no idea what the content is at this point. Obviously you can do this on your own but I'm assuming the program has already done the legwork for you and provides the teaching materials.


I looked into unschooling near the end as an option to consider but at that point it was too late. Basically unschooling is student driven learning where you expose the child to as much as possible and then teach what the child has chosen or shown to have the highest interest in as the primary focus. A bit stupid as a premise I think but basically you teach whatever feels best at the time.


There was a news story about a man who homeschooled his daughter (unschooling method) and had taught her to pilot an airplane. I'm not sure of the girls age but he was having her perform a takeoff in the family's small aircraft when some unexpected crosswinds caused the aircraft to crash upon takeoff killing the father and daughter. Tragically the young girl was probably not experienced enough to handle the unexpected crosswinds. Unfortunately stories like this bring down criticism upon homeschooling.
Another sad story was an incident where younger children were being allowed to fire full automatic firearms at a shooting range under strict supervision from adults. During one incident a young girl was firing a fully automatic Mac-10. The recoil caused the girl to lose control of the firearm and the barrel recoiled up and backward shooting the instructor in the head and killing him.

The most recent story was of a gun enthusiast mom was driving her car with her child in the back seat either in a child car seat or just buckled into the regular car seat. This lady had boasted previously that she allowed her I think 4 year old child to shoot her firearm at the range under supervision. Well for some reason the child in the back seat had access to mom's loaded firearm and shot her through the from seat. Fortunately it was not fatal and I think she recovered but you can imagine the ridicule and criticism of such behavior.

I think that all of these situations were with children who were homeschooled, but I am not positive. At any rate there is a tendency to become fixated upon excelling our children beyond their means to display to the world the superiority of homeschooling.

Here is what I would do:

As a Christian parent I want the education for my children that will best serve them for their whole life from birth to the grave! The best way to do that is start with the most important tool available, the King James Bible. Read it to them over and over again until they can read it for themselves over and over again! Teach them that it is their final authority in and for their lives, forever. If you fail here you fail with everything else. Lay the best foundation down first and then build upon it! If they fail later in life they will still have a solid foundation to start building again but if their foundation is sinking sand and they fail then the failure is catastrophic. Instead of starting over with a solid foundation they will have to start from scratch if that is even possible at the time.

Next I would purchase two sets of encyclopedias (sets cost only dollars on Amazon used books) one Funk and Wagnall and the other, Grolier. I would also add a World Almanac and dictionary to the mix. Then develop a list of a hundred or more books that they should read. There are a lot of good lists to go by to decide from: Will Durant has a 100 book list, Marc Faber has a book list as do other prominent people. These lists are secular, you can choose your own list that is best.

Go through the entire sets of encyclopedias with your child emphasizing or deemphasizing topics as you choose. This will give them a well rounded world view. Supplement other materials that you think would compliment what you are trying to achieve. If you read 50 to 100 books on one subject it is said you will have acquired the equivalent knowledge in that subject comparable to a PhD, Brian Tracy.

Teach them how to teach themselves. Teach them how to do independent research and find any answer to any question by themselves. Teach them how to read a book, some you read all the way through some are reference only and you can skim them to glean the information you want. Teach them Discernment by the Word of God. Teach them that Knowledge puffeth up and that the wrong knowledge can send you to hell! The kind taught in liberal colleges, universities and seminaries.

The two most important considerations in the world:

The most important thing in life is knowing Him!

The second most import thing is to realize there is only one important thing, knowing Him!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Drinking In Moderation

It was in the 1970's when American missionaries returning from a furlough in the United States tried to persuade me in West Germany to join them in drinking alcohol moderately. I do not know if the letting up of their standards was the reason, but I do know of missionary kids later getting drunk.

My greatest pressure to drink a little has come from evangelicals who allow alcohol in their homes and who give fleshly reasons for entertaining with drinks harmful to spirit, soul and body.

My not taking part in the greatest cause for suffering in our homes and what governments are pronouncing their enemy number one--has brought me ridicule from my brothers in Christ. Aren't we aware of the dangers?

Alcohol is directly involved in:

20% of all freezing deaths

25% of all choking deaths

36% of all pedestrian deaths

50% of all deaths from falls

50% of all teenage motor vehicle deaths

52% of all fire deaths

60% of all suicides

64% of all murders

69% of all drowning

76% of all recreational aircraft deaths

33% of all motor vehicle injuries

34% of all child abuse cases

40% of all divorces

50% of all fractures

50% of all work place problems

50% of all rapes

65% of all motorcycle crashes

69% of all recreational boating injuries

72% of all assaults and robberies

80% of all criminal court cases

Statistics from brochure published by Kansas Board of Regents

If you take part in drinking alcohol, have it in your home or do not take a stand against it, I charge you guilty in having a part in the breaking up of homes, breaking lives and helping people on their path that leads to eternal damnation.

The Bible says we are not to identify with a drunkard! (1 Corinthians 5:11). We are to warn that no drunkard will inherit the kingdom of God (1Corintians 6:10), How can we warn when we ourselves take part in that which has been the downfall of many?

Don't be guilty in waiting until people become addicted to alcohol to begin to warn. People seldom repent once addicted. We need to warn people before the fall!

Elmer Klassen

Friday, February 26, 2016


Ps 39:6 Surely every man walketh in a vain shew: surely they are disquieted in vain: he heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them.

The Treasury of David
Psalms 39:6


Ver. 6. Surely every man walketh in a vain shew. Life is but a passing pageant. This alone is sure, that nothing is sure. All around us shadows mock us; we walk among them, and too many live for them as if the mocking images were substantial; acting their borrowed parts with zeal fit only to be spent on realities, and lost upon the phantoms of this passing scene. Worldly men walk like travellers in a mirage, deluded, duped, deceived, soon to be filled with disappointment and despair. Surely they are disquieted in vain. Men fret, and fume, and worry, and all for mere nothing. They are shadows pursuing shadows, while death pursues them. He who toils and contrives, and wearies himself for gold, for fame, for rank, even if he wins his desire, finds at the end of his labour lost; for like the treasure of the miser's dream, it all vanishes when the man awakes in the world of reality. Read well this text, and then listen to the clamour of the market, the hum of the exchange, the din of the city streets, and remember that all this noise (for so the word means), this breach of quiet, is made about unsubstantial, fleeting vanities. Broken rest, anxious fear, over worked brain, failing mind, lunacy, these are the steps in the process of disquieting with many, and all to be rich, or, in other words, to load one's self with the thick clay; clay, too, which a man must leave so soon. He heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them. He misses often the result of his ventures, for there are many slips between the cup and the lips. His wheat is sheaved, but an interloping robber bears it away -- as often happens with the poor Eastern husbandman; or, the wheat is even stored, but the invader feasts thereon. Many work for others all unknown to them. Especially does this verse refer to those all gathering muckrakes, who in due time are succeeded by all scattering forks, which scatter riches as profusely as their sires gathered them parsimoniously. We know not our heirs, for our children die, and strangers fill the old ancestral halls; estates change hands, and entail, though riveted with a thousand bonds, yields to the corroding power of time. Men rise up early and sit up late to build a house, and then the stranger tramps along its passages, laughs in its chambers, and forgetful of its first builder, calls it all his own. Here is one of the evils under the sun for which no remedy can be prescribed.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Part II Survival Preparation (as concisely as I can make it)

Survival preparation depends upon your predicament. You must research what event you want to prepare for, how it impacts your location and the short and long term outcome of your actions.

I like to use the earthquake scenario because preparing for earthquakes will also cover most other emergency scenarios.

Here are the generic basics:

Have at least two weeks of food and water

Develop a plan A

One idea is to have bug-out packs ready at all times. If your plan was to bug-out to, let’s say, your grandparent’s farm, then you would grab your emergency packs only and immediately bug-out to grandma’s house.

Develop a plan B

If that won’t work for some reason then you need to have a plan B ready to go. You may decide to take your chances and hold up where you are because your provisions are plenty and your residence is secure.

Practice and review your plans regularly. There is a great advantage to acting scenarios out before the test of fear and adrenaline are upon you!

It is difficult to prepare for something that you have not experienced before, but that is still a possible threat like the big earthquake they say will happen between right now and 1000 years. We calculate the odds in our heads and hope it will never happen. Eventually we believe it won't, we get lazy and figure we will beat the odds then decide not to prepare.

Fictitious Practical situation Review:

Let's say you are a survivalist that lives in Los Angeles California. You work in the center of the big city and you commute by car 30 miles to and from work a total of 60 miles a day. You park in an underground parking garage and work on the 20th floor of a high rise building. What kinds of provisions would you select for an emergency escape plan in the event of a 7.0 earthquake that disables all services, roads and cause civil unrest?

Well here we go! If you did your homework, it should look something like this: You would have a backpack or two because one should be in the office and one in the car trunk or just keep one in your office. It must be maintained and should contain a map with possible routes home. Enough water for one day approximately 1 gallon. Clothing and foot wear for all weather conditions. Enough energy type foods for one day or the approximate time you think it will take you to hike home. Always pack more than you need and you can always lose anything you decide is unnecessary as the day goes on, better over prepared than under prepared. You will no doubt need to overcome, improvise and adapt to all the various conditions you may face, but since you thought things through you're very prepared. Plan on the possibility of having to spend the night out in the night element so you want to bring things that have stealth qualities.

If you are serious about survival then you will study the risk factors associated with your survival threat, such as earthquake or terrorist attack.

Two activities to test out your level of preparedness: "Experience Driven Training."


From  American Survival Guide, January 1993 by Luke Thrym titled: PREPAREDNBESS: THE DRILL, Testing/practicing skills in a realistic manner....This is a modest article about survivalist friends who maintain "bug-out" kits in case of emergencies. This kit consists of miscellaneous survival necessities. These men decided to test their knowledge and the integrity of their kits. Thy spontaneously decided to spend a weekend ("The Drill") with their "bug-out" kits. The result was a real life evaluation of the success and failure of their kits. They voluntarily put themselves to the test and benefited from real life experience.


From Westways Magazine June 1994 by Catherine Fredman titled: THE PALEO-TOURIST, A SONE AGE SCHOOL MAKES MERE ROUGHING IT SEEM SISSIFIED BY COMPARISON. This article describes a survivalist school that provides a course which supervises groups through learning primitive skills techniques. The first phase of training is called "Impact". "Stripped of all your gear and thrust into a changing environment with little instruction, no information, little food and no sympathy." They claim that "impact" mimics a situation you would find yourself in if stranded in the wilderness. Again, real life experience in a controlled environment.

Military Survival Manual: The Psychology of Survival

It takes much more than the knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food, make fires and travel without the aid of standard navigational devices to live successfully through a survival situation. Some people with little or no survival training have managed to survive life-threatening circumstances. Some people with survival training have not used their skills and died. A key ingredient in any survival situation is the mental attitude of the individual involved. Having survival skills is important having the will to survive is essential. Without a desire to survive, acquired skills serve little purpose and invaluable knowledge goes to waste.

There is a psychology to survival. You will face many stressors in a survival environment that ultimately will affect your mind. These stressors can produce thoughts and emotions that if poorly understood can transform a confident well-trained person into an indecisive, ineffective individual with questionable ability to survive. Thus, you must be aware of and be able to recognize those stressors commonly associated with survival...ARMY SURVIVAL GUIDE, ch2. Psychology of Survival pp.1

Adrenaline training and self-defense with your mind

The best self-defense training is the training of the mind through experience based training. Many police agencies put their cadets through adrenaline training. They create a real-to-life scenario situation that mimics real life in that it creates anxiety and adrenaline to teach the cadet how it feels to have to make difficult decisions while being flooded with adrenaline through action based confrontations.

Moral of the story: The closer you train to the reality of situations you are likely to encounter then the better prepared you will be to handle the real situation! Boxers train by sparing in a ring and getting use to being hit and feeling fatigue. Any system of training that doesn't incorporate real life impact is creating ill prepared students.


Firearms are the best weapons. Buy some and practice to become proficient by simulating real life situation scenarios. If you can't get a firearm then there are many things to use that aren't designed to be lethal but can be used for self-defense: Athletic equipment, tools, yard equipment, office equipment, art equipment, warehouse equipment and many other items everyone owns. Practice with them and become familiar and proficient in their use dynamically.

A final suggestion...Have a plan A, Have a plan B. And more! Have you ever watched football? Well if you practice your survival plans with your family or co-workers then I would suggest coming up with several different plays or plans of action for various scenarios. For example if an intruder comes into the house and the family practices what to do in different situation that may come about then I believe that would be a powerful defense if let's say everyone is held hostage in the home and the dad realizes that the family is in scenario number 3 that everyone practiced. So dad decides to call out the play like in football: 24 Blue, 24 Blue or whatever code you decide upon.  At that point everyone in the family jumps into action, simultaneously performing their pre-practiced playbook scenario, hopefully shocking the intruders and taking over the situation etc. No one would ever suspect that! And in situations where there are life or death situations, the possibility and scenario of using lethal force needs to be discussed and practiced!

The Boy Scout motto is "BE PREPARED!" Make it yours!!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
For about 40 years now I have been studying survival skills amongst other things. What this means is that I have accumulated a lot of useless information in my head about this subject; however, it also means that I have some nuggets of information that may be hard to find anywhere else. Pull up a chair, this information may save your life. Glean what you need.

Part 1 basics: Making it real!

Disasters are a global reality. There are life threatening risks in every geographical location on the planet. Most of the time people have no clue of the dangers that await them in their daily lives. That's why we practice risk management on our jobs and in our daily lives. We cannot eliminate all risks but we can mitigate the effect of a potential and theoretical risk through preparation.

There are certain risk factors that are central to all survival events. The person who is prepared in all areas of exposure has the best chance of success.
Every geographical location has its special risks such as weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, temperature extremes, radiation, food and water availability, toxic, viral and bacterial exposure etc.

In reality,  man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.


FEMA decided to use the training scenario of a Zombie Apocalypse because it theoretically represented the type of situations that are typical in extreme survival scenarios.

Remember Y2K?

Whether you were prepared or not the Y2K scenario did not play out, so that if you didn't prepare you lucked out and if you did prepare you were left with a lot of useless survival equipment. Next time you may not be so lucky. The whole purpose is to prepare and then hope nothing happens at the expected timeframe. Chalk it up to experience which is necessary to be properly prepared.

I like to use the scenario of an earthquake to talk about preparation because of the potential devastation it can instantly create. And of course after the earth stops shaking then it may very well be the Zombie Apocalypse.

Let's Recap

So, a sudden magnitude 8.5 earthquake lasting 45 seconds has the potential to:


Immediately you may discover that there is:

No Water, You Are Wearing Inappropriate Clothing, No Gas, No Electricity, No Food, No Toilets, No Banks, No Passable Roads, No Grocery Stores Open, No Prescription Drugs, No Shelter, You Have No Gun, You May Not Get Home Tonight, You Have No Place To Spend The Night Safely, No Emergency Services, Dead Bodies, No Police Protection, No Emergency first aid services, Intense Feelings Of Fear And Anxiety Dependent Upon Your Personal Level Of Preparation.



In Part 2, let's get serious about preparation.

In future posts I will also cover topics such as self defense, physical and psychological preparation and much more, so stay tuned.